About the Mumbai Centre

The Mumbai Centre of Krishnamurti Foundation India was set up at Himmat Niwas at Malabar Hill in 1987 and continues to carry out its activities from the same place. While in Mumbai, Krishnamurti used to hold dialogue meetings with small groups at Himmat Niwas.

Activities and programmes

The entire range of Krishnamurti's published talks, writings, dialogues and discussions in the form of books, audios and videos are available at the small library at Mumbai Centre. Books are also available for sale.

Video screenings of Krishnamurti's talks are arranged at the centre every Saturday and Sunday and a monthly dialogue meeting is held on the third Thursday of every month. Video Screenings, followed by interactions are held on the last Monday of every month at The Retreat House, Bandra(West).

Eminent thinkers, who have been exploring Krishnamurti’s teachings in the context of Life today, are invited for public interactions in the city. Public seminars are held on various themes as an on-going exploration into Life. Seminars, Book readings, Discussions and video screenings are arranged in educational institutions to reach out to senior students and educators.
Books and DVDs are donated to libraries on request, under a book donation scheme. The centre also participates in book fairs.

A large number of people have no access to Krishnamurti’s teachings since all the original material is in English. Hence, in order to disseminate the teachings to the regional readers, the centre is involved in translation and publishing of the works in the following areas:

- Publishing translations of books in Marathi and Gujarati
- Publishing Newsletters in Marathi and Gujarati
- Subtitling and dubbing of the video talks and dialogues in Marathi and Gujarati
- Publishing books in Braille as well as audio books in Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi, specially for the benefit of the visually challenged.