The various Krishnamurti Education Centres reach out to the community around them and the environment in socially responsible ways.

The smaller centres located in Kolkata and Mumbai, hold video screenings of Krishnamurti’s public talks and discussions in the cities. Seminars are held for educators on education in the light of Krishnamurti’s vision of Education for Life. Talks, book readings and discussion meetings are arranged for the faculty and senior students in educational institutions. The centres participate in book exhibitions. Videos are screened during students’ festivals.
Rural Outreach
Born out of his deep compassion for the underprivileged, Krishnamurti invited his friend and socialist Achyut Patwardhan to engage with the impoverished villages in and around Rajghat in Varanasi. Over the last 60 years, this initiative of the Rajghat Education Centre has evolved into empowering the neighbouring communities to solve their own problems through the domains of education, healthcare and women empowerment. Its primary aim is to develop a harmonious relationship with the neighbouring village communities based on mutual respect and appreciation.

The Rishi Valley Education Centre, because of its location in a degraded landscape, has brought to the people at Rishi Valley the challenge of a long-range agenda for regeneration through education. That agenda has served to guide their efforts in taking care of the earth, to share their technical resources with the neighbours and to help them rebuild green spaces in their villages. Over the past three decades the Rishi Valley Education Centre has built solid bridges to the local village population through their work in rural education, rural health, reforestation, bio-diversity conservation and watershed management. There are now 15 Satellite Schools, a teacher training facility and a curriculum development cell RIVER, health and sanitation programmes and a herbal garden.

Over the last many years, the Bangalore Education Centre, has initiated and sustained many outreach activities that go beyond the regular activities of the school. These include offering workshops in Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Crafts to interested people. Artisans and crafts-persons from different parts of the country are often invited. Students from other schools, children from neighbouring villages frequently participate in such events.
The Bangalore Centre has also developed the Kaigal Environment and Education program (KEEP). It is an effort to observe and understand the relationship people share with their environment. It is located in the Kaigal Valley of the Palamner Ghats in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. The project on forest conservation initiated by KEEP,has expanded its scope of work into the areas of research in ecology and conservation by establishing linkages with premier research institutions, providing education to the children of the tribal communities and opening livelihood opportunities for the tribal communities. The education for the community children and the livelihood programme have provided children and a large section of the community a sense of self-worth and confidence that allow them to function in the society.

The Sahyadri Education Centre has embarked upon various initiatives in Rural Outreach and Environment Conservation. These includea Traditional Seeds Conservation programme, installation of Smokeless Chulhas in the nearby village and a tribal community. There is a regular Interaction and learning from experts in the environment and conservation field, while understanding the community perspectives.