Braille and Audio Books for the Visually Handicapped

Publications for the visually handicapped, are brought out in collaboration with NAB(National Association for the Blind), Mumbai. Braille editions and audio books of some of the KFI publications have been published and distributed to the relevant institutions all over India through the NAB network. More titles will be produced in these formats.

These Braille books can be ordered by sending us an email at There may be some lead time, depending on the schedules of the Braille press. The price of each book varies from ₹75 to ₹200/-, depending on the number of pages. The books are bulky and the freight charges applicable, will be conveyed specifically for each order.¬
Audio books from NAB, are available only for the visually handicapped on request to NAB or by contacting us.

Books available in Braille and in Audio formats with NAB: 
English Title Gujarati Title Marathi Title Hindi Title NAB Audio Books
Education and Significance of Life Shikshan Ane Jivan Rahasya Shikshan Jeevan Rahasya Shiksha Evam Jeevan Ka Tatparya  Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi
Freedom from the Known Gyant Visarjan Dnyatapasun Mukti Gyat Se Mukti Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi
The Book of Life (booklet)   Jeevan Pustak     
K for the Young - What does Fear Do to You?        
K for the Young - What does Freedom mean?        
K for the Young - What is it to Care?        
The Only Revolution   Ekmev Parivartan   Marathi
The Urgency of Change Tyare Jeevu Shi Rite     Gujarati
The Life and Death of Krishnamurti   Jeevan Ani Mrityu   Marathi