J. Krishnamurti – Complete Teachings Website

J. Krishnamurti Online is a unique initiative of the four Krishnamurti Foundations to make the teachings of J. Krishnamurti freely available, downloadable, and to guarantee authenticity.

Site Content

The site guarantees the authenticity of a large text collection of many of Krishnamurti’s published works between 1933 and 1986, together with several hundred transcripts of audio & video recordings, the equivalent of 200 average-sized books. The site content is fully searchable.

A selection of video and audio is freely available in streaming format. Future plans include adding previously unpublished work to the online text collection, and expanding the video & audio content..

This new website is offered to the public in Beta form as an ongoing project, since there is a vast amount of further work that can be done to expand its features and content. Almost 50% of Krishnamurti’s lifetime work remains unpublished, and should eventually be added to the site’s resources.