Educating the Educator – A seminar, 2015

A seminar on Educating the Educator was held at St. Xavier’s Inst. of Management and Research, Mumbai on 20th March, 2015.

For a long time the need was felt to conduct a program for teachers which would address the fast pace of change that has been taking place in society and to explore whether a new approach could be explored to meet emerging challenges, particularly in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. The teacher training colleges are doing their best, but are saddled with issues due to the weight of an overwhelming system. Also there is a growing need in the city for alternative schools which could meet the needs of an emerging middle class which is very unhappy with the mainstream school system.

In response to this, KFI, along with Adhyayan, decided to conduct a seminar called Educating the Educator, to address the challenges posed to education. Adhyayan is a quality assessment organization in the field of education headed by Ms. Kavita Anand. About 50 people participated in the one day seminar – mainly teachers and students from B.Ed. colleges in Mumbai and others interested in Education. Mr. Abhijit Padte took the initiative    of planning this seminar. Mr. Kabir Jaithirtha was invited to conduct the sessions.

Mr. Abhijit Padte gave the introduction in which he explained the backdrop and the context within which the seminar was being conducted. It was emphasized that the seminar was not prescriptive in nature but more of a reflective quality, where  participants are not passive recipients.

Mr Kabir’s main approach was to draw the attention of the educators towards the Learning Mind. He expressed his views about how learning is entirely different from what we call education.  He focused on the significance of an undivided, non-fragmentary mind of the teacher as being very important.  He also spoke about the schools he started. Then there was interaction between him and the participants.

A lot of people co-operated to hold the event. In particular Father Lancy Prabhu of St. Xavier’s College had made the Seminar Hall with all its facilities available to us. We hope that this initiative, which was taken with the intention of having a deep and free enquiry into the various problems related to the educational process, will be carried forth regularly from now on.